Small update on the last post

So, in my last post, I mentioned a bad job that was threatening me. I managed to avoid that, which was, as one acquaintance told me, quite a feat!

The situation might repeat, and I’m still struggling badly with time management. On the other hand, that music editing job becomes more and more satisfying, and less and less I want to go back into corporate work.

Vocal frustration – update

About my voice issues: Saw my doctor about the gagging thing, she thinks it’s a stomach issue. Well. I don’t think so, and I’m continuing my personal regime. Running, Feldenkrais, some exercises from Kundalini Yoga my mom recommended to me and Progressive Muscle Relaxation seem to go a long way with this. It all seems to come from the shoulder/neck muscles. My impression is that the continous stress of the past years has condensed in chronic tension there, helped along by lack of exercise.

My singing now seems less affected by it, the sore throat is gone. I can sing again. That does a great deal towards relieving stress 🙂