New place!

So… I’ve just signed a contract for a new flat in Freiburg yesterday. A tiny one-room apartment. My head is still spinning and already trying to figure out how to fit my household (desk, music equipment, bedroom, kitchen and all) in the exact half of the space I had hitherto. Good opportunity to declutter quite a lot, at the moment I’m thinking of giving a lot of furniture away.

At least, the house seems decently quiet. The small river Dreisam runs beside my house, a small mountain with wood is on the other side of the river, I don’t have a far way to my new work, and the landlady seems to care quite a lot about the flat. And the flat has a balcony where I can hope to grow something – not like my current one, which facing north and way too dark for anything.

Having found a new home is a huge relief. Now I can move forward on some other fields – and if the moving goes smoothly, I can do something music-wise again soon. I already look forward to 50/90.

Big update!

And without further ado: I’m moving to Freiburg.

The new job turned out to be a good thing. They want me and they’re desperately needing personnel. I’m starting on April 15th; now the next big rock is finding an place there.

Getting that job, travelling for that, doing the formalities, and now preparing to move have been disrupting my musical practice, my singing, and totally thrown me out of songwriting/recording mode. It will be a while until I can get them back – even if the instruments and the computer will be the last things I pack, I need time to get used to that new life.

So… please hold the line and wish me luck for finding a good place in Freiburg.