New Song: New Year Song

I wrote this short song just after midnight on January 1st, while the fireworks were still blowing up outside. Happy new year 2013!

New song: Palaces in the Sky

This one was born in a weird fashion. I had the beginning of the chorus in my head first, an outright earworm, but of a still nonexistent song. It was clear from the very beginnings on what it would be about. So I slowly built it around this melody/lyrics fragment. I had to bully the lyrics into rhyming… and out came this one.

Palaces in the Sky

I will spare you my usual apologies about my guitar playing, rhythmical accuracy and so on… Can you guess what it’s about?

And here you are… my first two songs.

Life is busy at the moment, I hardly manage to cut out time for proper recording. I was fighting my recording block last weekend… which resulted in this improvisation:

Lullaby by roots & engines

The second one was written in summer of 2011, but only a few friends had heard it so far. It’s inspired by the photos, blogposts and videos of two astronauts I follow on Twitter and flickr: Paolo Nespoli (ESA) and Ron Garan (NASA). Paolo Nespoli’s photography played a great role in the development of the lyrics, and from Ron Garan I borrowed the term of the fragile oasis.

My Favorite Planet (Demo) by roots & engines

I still can’t play this pattern to a click, and my usual recording procrastination struck real hard with this one. But tonight the autumn blues had hit me on the head really hard and I wanted to get something done. Preferably something that has been on my list way too long. And so I grabbed the H4n and started shredding away and this was finally captured on an SD card.

But one day, I will learn to play this accurately. And then this one is going to get a real good recording.