Finished something, finally :)

Some things take their time.

During FAWM 2016, I wrote a poem in Quenya (the “older” of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Elvish languages). I had some fun evenings with a grammar book and a dictionary, interspersed with a curse or two – “this language has HOW MANY cases?” Then, it took me ages to make music for it! Last week, I finally recorded the vocals, and today I completed the mix. (It might sound best with headphones; I forgot again to check the mix with the speakers. Well, my speaker situation is not the most informative anyway.)

Here you go!

The story is Silmarillion-related: What might Galadriel have said the moment she resolved to leave Valinor for Middle-Earth? I imagine it might have been a hugely mixed bag of feelings she might have expressed – mourning for the lost beauty of the Two Trees, knowing she might never see the beautiful city of her childhood again, but also curiosity for Middle Earth, a sense of adventure and new-found freedom.

I’ll publish the lyrics, too, if anyone is interested!

Something entirely different.

Found this performance recording of a piece by Steve Reich via @rottenlienne on Twitter:

The context for my finding this was a sad/outrageous story about a concert audience that was apparently overwhelmed by a juxtaposition of 20th century and baroque music. As sad as this story is, I find a lot of “New Music” quite interesting, and when I get reminded of it, I ask myself why I don’t listen to composers like Penderecki, Ligeti or Pärt more often.