How I am & Music that inspires me

Some complaining ahead: I’m still struggling to find back into music. My singing seems to be stunted somehow, and at the moment I don’t dare to think of myself as a musician, which, in turn, hampers my making music. Maybe it’s all the “shoulds” and “musts” that are stringed to that – I should be somewhere with my art and my singing now instead of feeling like I start from the beginning for the umpteenth time… At least my guitar playing has got a small nudge back into life. I started playing classical guitar again, and I’m getting more serious about that.

Somehow the songwriting suffered, too. I don’t know what it will take to rekindle that… but I haven’t given up! (On top, there’s a long list of songs that deserve re-working, re-recording or finishing in the first place beside my computer.)

A thing that helps me is listening to inspiring music. So there’s 80s pop music – normally I don’t listen to that, but from a songwriting perspective, it’s somehow very motivating. Then there’s artists like The Gossip and Adele, where I like listening just for the making of a gripping song.

I also find myself tremendously enjoying Anneke von Giersbergen’s and Arjen Lucassen’s project The Gentle Storm.

And then there’s situations where I feel like I’m technically abysmal, too loud for the situation (just because singing quieter in that range would have hurt without a warmup) and totally over-the-top articulation-wise… and the other day I meet people and they compliment me on my voice. Inner Critic, we’ve got to talk.

That’s it for today; I will be back soon 🙂


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