50/90 over & learnings

50/90 ended today. I win: 54 songs!

I did a lot of improvisations this year. I’ve started to push the boundaries on the guitar. My voice is back in shape and my mezzo-soprano height begins to show its full glory again (to the dismay of the elderly lady in the flat below me who hates my vocalises). I’ve done some things I never did before, like writing songs drums-first and playing guitar on a rock track (although with the most primitive power chords and most primitive chord pattern EVAR).

I didn’t get that far with my project to learn writing song lyrics with more metric and formal diversity. Heck, I’m still struggling to write songs that rhyme and adhere to a more consistent meter! I found that this is partly a matter of “shifting the gears” of my brain into “linguistically creative mode”. I found that it helps if I have a clear story I want to tell. I found that it’s a matter of practice and of the seats of my pants. And good dictionaries – particularly rhyming dictionaries – are helpful!

Am I content? Yes. I have yet to got through my results and look at the songs to determine which deserve being worked upon, which ones I’ll not play again and which ones are already keepers. I’ll peruse my demos and see if some that are already worthy are not yet uploaded to Soundcloud. And of course, I’ll write music for the lyrics-only songs – with time, now.

Oh, and I’ve found once more that making electronic music, especially with vintage synth emulators, is huge fun, but also a terrible time-eater. I’ll have to look at some sequencer alternatives – qtractor keeps annoying me and has some hiccups, and seq24 is very fun, but has it’s own limitations. I’d like to learn about more automation stuff; maybe I should have an in-depth look at Ardour3.

Somehow, I’m glad that 50/90 is at an end now; I had become more intent on “winning” (i.e. reaching the 50 songs mark) than was good for me, and I sometimes became hasty, without the quiet to sit down and take time for the things I really wanted to do that couldn’t be cranked out quickly. I will relax now around that as in general; and then, there’s some bread-winning things I need to care about.