Dirty stuff

Somehow, this 50/90, I’m doing very “dirty” stuff. My recordings are raw, unpolished, even more than usual. I’m taking little time for my music, that may be why. In the last weeks, I spent about 45 min. on weekdays practicing singing and guitar (with a day or two off now and then – I need to not let music feel like an obligation), which eats quite an amount of my available time; that doesn’t leave much time for recording. On weekends I may get to do a wee bit more, but not that much. That may reflect one aspect of 50/90 that I actually like: Unlike FAWM, where you can put a “Do not disturb” sign on your door (figuratively speaking), in 50/90 music has to be integrated with daily life. You can live one short month in an exceptional state; can you do it for 3 months? Well, I could, but I don’t want to. Not even for music.

Plus, it’s summer here in the Northern Hemisphere. The Great Outdoors are that much more calling than in February (cold, mostly rainy, early dark and so on – so much easier to stay inside and make music). All that summer fun is up and competing with music.

And then there is my usual ass-between-haystacks problem (go-to solution up to now: do nothing or something totally different) and I rather crank out something quick than being patient and doing something a little more ambitious that might take me one or two weeks. On the other hand, I’m in some kind learning process with the guitar, pushing the limits here and there, experimenting with techniques I didn’t use in my songs up to now… let’s see where this takes me!

So, I’m producing stuff and I’ll easily get past my 2012 output of 13 songs, and as in 2012, a lot of my output this year is quite dirty stuff. I like to share my music in the 50/90 community, but most of it seems too raw to upload it somewhere more public.

OK, and now I feel like doing another super-quick keyboard impro đŸ™‚

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