Some writing tools.

No, I’m not talking about software here. Or, I am, but not about text editors or the like.

I’ve repeatedly complained to friends that my lyrics don’t rhyme. And so far, this summer, I haven’t put much effort into my lyrics. Mostly hastily thrown down, just to have something to sing, although that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad.

I’d like to write lyrics off my usual beaten track: off my (if any) usual rhyme scheme of a-b-a-b, and also off my usual iambic meter with 3 or 4 emphasises per line.

Also, I’d like to write longer songs, and having a structural idea can help with that.

There’s no software to help me with the rhyme scheme or the metric scheme, but there are some tools to help me rhyme at all: rhyming dictionaries.

I’ve found some of them online. Here are my favorites.
The Dillfrog Muse

The vocabulary search of the Universität Leipzig

Here are some Android Apps I use for that:
Rimes multi lite – multilingual rhyming dictionary
B-Rhymes – an English dictionary for not-so-perfect rhymes. I like it because it gives me novel ideas.

And, when writing English lyrics, there’s the indispensable

Another thing I’d like to do is write some uptempo stuff, but that’s for another post to deal with 🙂


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