Huuuge insecurity ahead.

Something personal: I’ll be travelling next week for a potential new job. If it turns out they want me, things can get very, very hectic: I’ll then be moving to the other end of the country within a few weeks.

It has nothing to do with music, it will be a pure bread-winning job, but I’m fine with the concept of a day job – as long as it leaves some time and energy for the things I want to do, such as music.

I have been dreaming about leaving Berlin for so long. Now that it begins looking like a thing that could happen for real, I sometimes doubt it – but then, I have been living with the nagging “I should get a better job” for way too long, and the feeling of “I’m coming home” as soon as I crossed Frankfurt am Main in southerly direction has been a reliable constant in the past years. The perspective of having the job-search off my shoulders looks like a huge relief.

And maybe, if it turns out that Freiburg will be my new home, if after some months I still feel like staying there for some more years, I can look into longer-term musical engagements. At the moment I don’t think of joining a choir again. I plan to continue taking classical singing lessons, but besides that, I feel more like looking into non-classical music – don’t know yet what exactly, given that huge stylistic range of things I did in the past years.
There’s a lot of other things I look forward to: the comforts of a decent income (defined as “I have some money left after covering my basic needs”), being nearer to significant family members (a two-hour train ride instead of an eight-hour one) and nearer to my best friend (three to four hours on the train, as opposed to eight to ten), being in reach of things I’d call mountains – the Vosges and the Black Forest are both in reach of a weekend trip. Not to mention a warmer climate: Freiburg is in the warmest region of Germany.

A lot of friends will be nearer, too: first of all, Wurzelfrau, but also Sven, eibensang, the Singvøgel headquarter and another friend from Zürich will be in reach of an extended weekend visit, too.

But if it works out, I’ll have to find a new home first. I still don’t know how to manage this all. I feel overwhelmed and excited at the same time. Wish me luck!