FAWM Over.

Well… here are my stats:


I did quite a lot of things I didn’t expect. I didn’t expect doing such a lot with synths and piano. I didn’t expect that sudden love for orchestral composition. I didn’t expect doing nearly nothing with guitar, nor writing a song in Quenya, nor doing jazz or a semi-satiric rant pop song about a stupid advertising campaign. I did way fewer collabs than I had wanted to, which is a pity, but with my maniac creativity that got totally bogged down in a storm of impulses that was simply not possible. I feel quite accomplished with my 22 songs anyway.

If I can cut out the time, I’ll do 50/90 again. I say “if”, because my life (place, day job and all) may change very dramatically very soon. I’ll give you details as soon as I know things for sure. Last year’s 50/90 has done wonderful things for my songwriting craft, and I’d love to repeat this.

What will I do now? For today: rest. Play FFVII. And then? Finish composing and record the music for the three songs that are lyrics-only yet. Listen to songs at fawm.org and comment. Upload stuff to soundcloud. Maybe “Heimkehr” needs some figuring out and practice so that I can make a decent guitar track and vocals (my part was recorded voice and guitar at once). Such a lot that can be done – and will, piece by piece.