FAWM 2013: What a start!

In the previous FAWMs I had a hard time getting songs out at the beginning. This year, that’s a bit different. I feel spurred by some friends who are also quite productive. One constant seems to be that I dash off in directions altogether unplanned and unexpected. For example, all of a sudden writing orchestral soundtrack-y things like this one:

There’s more in that vein in my head!

It was to be expected that I do some space-inspired things. I try to listen to other ideas, too, but these things show up and beg to be sung about. One I really wanted to do was this try at commemorating the ill-fated mission STS-107:

(And yes, this one took me two days to get it out.)

And then there are skirmishes. I love them. They do a great deal toward building confidence in my writing skills – and I love how they’re all about fun, creativity and musical mayhem. I’ll probably be skirmishing a lot this time, since I didn’t catch very much of them in last FAWM and none last 50/90.
Expect the unexpected this month!