To Do list for pre-FAWM

Oh well, January went by so fast! And FAWM is nearly upon us again.

I’d need to do some things before FAWM. If they fall flat, it won’t hurt too much:

  • Make me a cheatsheet of the essential LAME options.
  • A similar cheatsheet for ogg and flac is optional. A script that automates all the export things would be great, but I can’t brush up my (rudimentary) shell scripting skills that fast.
  • Get IR files and make myself familiar with Tom Szilagyis IR LV2 convolution reverb. My starting point will be the IR files at
  • .

I also fiddled a bit with string sounds on the computer and made a string quartet version of the accompaniment part of my “New Year Song”. Citing the liner notes on Soundcloud:

My first try at emulating a string quartet on my computer. So far, I’m more satisfied with Fluidsynth and decent soundfonts than with Linuxsampler, although I like the concept of Linuxsampler and think the project has potential… but alas, as is the case with so many potentially good Free Software Projects, it seems to be stuck in a relatively early phase of its development.

Made with seq24, Fluidsynth, the Campbells Strings soundfond from, and LinuxSampler. Recorded with Ardour, finishing touches with Audacity. No effects save Audacity’s default compressor. I didn’t pay much attention to dynamics, as this was more of an experiment and fun project to explore the possibilities. Maybe I will tweak that aspect in a later version, and then add some reverb and stuff. Mainly I wanted to prepare a bit in case I wanted some realistic solo strings on my FAWM songs.

Here is the song: