And here you are… my first two songs.

Life is busy at the moment, I hardly manage to cut out time for proper recording. I was fighting my recording block last weekend… which resulted in this improvisation:

Lullaby by roots & engines

The second one was written in summer of 2011, but only a few friends had heard it so far. It’s inspired by the photos, blogposts and videos of two astronauts I follow on Twitter and flickr: Paolo Nespoli (ESA) and Ron Garan (NASA). Paolo Nespoli’s photography played a great role in the development of the lyrics, and from Ron Garan I borrowed the term of the fragile oasis.

My Favorite Planet (Demo) by roots & engines

I still can’t play this pattern to a click, and my usual recording procrastination struck real hard with this one. But tonight the autumn blues had hit me on the head really hard and I wanted to get something done. Preferably something that has been on my list way too long. And so I grabbed the H4n and started shredding away and this was finally captured on an SD card.

But one day, I will learn to play this accurately. And then this one is going to get a real good recording.